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The network is the heart of Altea. We have developed various tools to promote and facilitate exchange: the Directory, the Calendar and the Forum.

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The Altea Forum

The pressing questions about Long COVID can only be answered together. To this end, the moderated forum brings together all relevant actors: those affected and their relatives, doctors, therapists and researchers as well as interested parties from politics, business and society. The forum offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and discussions, for tips and mutual support. You are not alone with Long COVID. You will notice this in the forum. We also hope to gain new insights into therapies and inputs for our Vademecums, Blogs and Stories - and an influence that extends beyond Altea. Here you go directly to the protected members area of the interactive Altea forum.

Altea Directory

The Directory provides assistance in finding health professionals specializing in Long COVID. You receive targeted support and can avoid “doctor hopping”. A win for both sides. T

he first point of contact is the family doctor's practice: They know you best there and can refer you to specialists. You can, however, make suggestions and discuss the next steps.

Are you a doctor or therapist and would like to offer your services here? Use our admission form for this. We will check your application free of charge and without obligation.

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The Altea Calender

The Calendar clearly summarizes events related to Long COVID. These can be meetings of self-help groups, courses or lectures on Long COVID.

As most of the events are currently online, recordings are sometimes available. So it can be worthwhile to click on past appointments as well.

Would you like to suggest a date for the agenda? To do this, fill out our simple form in just a few steps.

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