Nothing beats a direct exchange in a protected environment. This is exactly what our Community offers.

Altea Illustration Community

The Altea Forum

Altea focuses on the exchange between all stakeholders. This means: those affected by Long COVID, their relatives, doctors, therapists and researchers meet on an equal footing. Interested parties from politics, business or law are also welcome.

Altea provides a protected Forum for this exchange. Binding rules apply, discussions can only be accessed with a login and they are moderated. No personal data is publicly available.

Learning from each other, asking each other questions, reporting needs or announcing news - the forum is open to any form of exchange and consciously focuses on interdisciplinarity. In the context of a respectful, appreciative approach, there are no limits to the various concerns.

It's best to try it out right away: Post a question or a tip, suggest a new topic or share an experience. Click on the "Login" button at the top right of the page or on this direct link to the forum.

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