Tips against reduced performance (muscle weakness), Apathie und apathy and listlessness.

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If you needed oxygen during the infection, or you currently need it, and/or if you had heart problems or circulation issues, including thromboses, you must discuss the resumption of regular exercise with your doctor. 

People affected by Long COVID report a feeling of weakness: physically with reduced performance (muscle weakness) and mentally with apathy and listlessness. Some can hardly walk, others have to force and overcome themselves enormously to do any activity. On the other hand, regular physical activity is important in the short, medium and long term for physical and mental health and well-being.

Thus dosage is always decisive for the success of the training: intensity and recovery time are considered as guideline values. The art is to find the balance between optimally dosed, regular physical activity and restful, restorative periods. This is the only way to increase performance and improve quality of life step by step.

When resuming training, it is important to consider the following four points:

  1. Clarify and define individual limits
  2. Be consistent with rest breaks
  3. Adapt training time to everyday life
  4. Document your progress

You can find detailed information and instructions as well as further links in the Vademecum "Back to sport".

We have summarised the most important points on a printable poster. Download the five-phase graphic: english version, Poster deutsch, version française, versione italiana

Training control using the Borg scale

The Borg scale is a simple method for independently determining the intensity of exertion and training. It helps you if you are unsure about how much physical exertion you can or should do. And it is a compass if you do not want to or cannot orientate yourself (exclusively) on your pulse rate during training. The Borg scale gives you confidence in the dosage of physical exertion or activity.

It is very easy to use: look at the scale from 0 to 10 during exertion or training and assess your subjective feeling of exertion spontaneously and honestly: 0 corresponds to rest, 10 corresponds to maximum exertion for you. Take into account muscular, respiratory and mental exertion equally.

Here you can find a PDF with information and a representation of the Borg scale.