Attention note

Contact a doctor if you experience unusual or acute symptoms, such as confusion, personality changes, consciousness disorders, etc.

Thinking and perceptions disorders are also part of Long COVID

Energy management, brain performance training

In case of attention disorder, concentration difficulties, word-finding impairment and memory loss issues / Brain Fog

Many people report decreased concentration, impaired memory, or word-finding problems after COVID-19 infection. In that case, these complaints are part of Long COVID.

In Long COVID, it is typical that for a certain period the above difficulties occur with Fatigue, a common phenomenon of Long COVID. In detail, this means that cognitive complaints are particularly severe during periods of pronounced fatigue. Patients often describe Fatigue as a “Brain Fog” - a rapid and premature mental exhaustion.

The good news is that in most cases the symptoms improve significantly or even disappear completely over time.


What helps against disorders of thinking and perception?

  • Energy management
  • Neuropsychological/ergotherapeutic brain power training
  • Regular sleep and healthy daily structure
  • Mental health

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